True Leadership Begins Within

We are all leaders. Leadership is about influence. Leadership begins with the self and a valuable component of strong leadership is love. We specialize in leading ourselves and make choices to positively influence our present and future. To love anyone else we need to start with loving ourselves and to lead anyone else we need to begin by leading ourselves.

This challenge is bigger than first perceived and many people fail to make it past the starting gate because of initial poor choices that lead to social debt. Playing catch up mode in life prevents compounding growth of success from happening, but success is not unreachable if we start pushing the 200 ton bus today. The goal is to have something to show for life when it is all said and done.

Strong leadership ability depends on satisfying this need and this need is fulfilled initially by loving ourselves.

The main prerequisite for organizational leadership is for the aspiring individual to be motivated to be a leader. A lack of motivation to handle the enormous task of leadership will certainly end in failure. The second prerequisite for leadership is for the leader to have followers. Without followers there is no leadership. Leadership is relational – Leadership is psychological – Leadership leverages power appropriately – Leadership is an ART. Effective leadership greatly improves all business processes at all levels. Strong leadership provides product differentiation.

Servant leadership builds trust within the organization. Today’s leadership requirement has turned the hierarchical pyramid upside down. Influence, providing vision, fulfilling needs for acknowledgement, and creating meaningful work for employees is mandatory of current successful leadership.  Technology has created a world where work never stops and providing leadership around the ever-changing organizational variables is integral.

Organizational leadership has changed forever and soft skills such as relationship building, collaboration, and change management are the key metrics for producing success. Soft skills leadership will provide a competitive advantage and competing companies will rush to leverage the art of true leadership. As the environment changes so do leadership practices in order to be financially solvent. The ultimate goal of all business is to make a profit which starts and ends with successful leadership and all successful leadership starts and ends with the inner self.

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